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What is ContentPro?

ContentPro is a powerful module for DNN which allows non-technical users to publish high quality content online.

ContentPro can be used with existing templates to create news items, blog posts, product galleries, event guides, white papers, press releases and more, re-using your content in any of these formats across multiple pages on your site so your content becomes truly fluid and adaptable.

It is simple for a non-technical user to master using the available templates and capable of producing great looking, image rich content. More advanced DNN users can also create their own layouts.

Why use ContentPro?

  • Makes creating reusable content easy, News articles, blogs, galleries, events - the possibilities are endless!
  • Comment engine built in so your users can interact with your content
  • Content design is controlled using razor templates
  • Import your existing content from some existing DNN modules
  • Automatic remapping of imported URLs protects your site structure
  • Ability to create fields to match the type of content you wish to create
  • Pre-set templates include structured data markup for improved SEO
  • Easy to install - ContentPro simply plugs into DNN v7.1+
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ContentPro Examples

Use the links below to view working examples


Attractive blog listing pages for any DNN website.

View Example
News Listings

Create engaging news pages using the Masonary plugin.

View Example

Make impressive galleries using the Masonary and lightbox plugins.

View Example

A modern responsive timeline list that works across all devices.

View Example

Present multiple imagery, captions & animation with a hero slider.

View Example
Advanced Sliders

Display video and more with our advanced DNN slider

View Example
Magazine layouts

More complex layouts for content-rich websites.

View Example
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How does ContentPro work?


Create news, blogs, galleries, press releases, event guides, white papers & more.


Import content and comments from popular modules such as LiveBlog and SunBlogNuke.


Display content across multiple pages in different formats to suit your requirements.


Add the module

Just add the module to the location on your site where you want to display content and then configure.

Next, choose the type of content you want to add from one of the pre-set templates.  The preset templates include structured data mark-up to make sure your content benefits from improved SEO.


Step 1

Name your content

Give your content a name and then go ahead and add it via the easy to use form.  


Step 2

Add it via the Rich Text Editor

To make your content stylish and dynamic you can use the Rich Text Editor to format your text.  You can use the scheduler to chose when you want to publish, great for time sensitive posts and events listing   Add any email or web links, save and you are finished! 


Step 3

Meta data

Meta data can be added for each content item so that search engines can index your content easily


Step 4
Razor Templates

Razor Templates

ContentPro features pre configured templates, created in Razor which you can use ‘out of the box’ to create great looking blogs, news pages, sliders and galleries, great for less technical users.  For those who have more knowledge, you can easily adapt them or create your own Razor templates for bespoke content displays.

Importing Content

Many people will be using more than one module to manage their blog, news pages, galleries, event listings etc. With ContentPro you will be able to manage multiple content types from a single module.

We know that you don’t want to go to the trouble of copying and pasting all your existing content over to a new module, so we developed an import function. Import your current content directly into ContentPro from other popular DNN content modules. Currently, imports are supported from SunBlogNuke and LiveBlog with imports from Ventrian coming soon.

ContentPro will automatically remap your URL’s so that you don’t damage the integrity of your site structure or lose any SEO advantage from your existing content.

Importing Content

Comment Engine

Comment Engine

Creating, interesting, shareable content is one of the main cornerstones of an effective content strategy. It is also great to get feedback on what you have created.  ContentPro includes a built-in comment engine so that your website users can interact with your content easily by posting comments, it is simple for you to post a reply too.

Template Types

The four main template types which are used in ContentPro are lists, Articles, Tags and Archives.  For more information on each of these template types, see below.

Lists (like a list of blog posts or events on a page, optionally showing other fields from your content set) – see an example of the list format, as a blog, and, presented in a different way, as a news article page.  Images on a gallery page can also be shown in the list format.

Articles (the actual blog post or news item in full).  An article would be the full entry – an example would be the page showing the complete blog post.

Tags  - Tags are used to group content together under a particular subject or type and can be optionally added to articles.  For example a blog post about Content Marketing is tagged with ‘seo’, ‘content marketing’, ‘social media’ and 'DNN modules'.  Tags can be used to find articles which have similar content. 

Archive – An archive is another way of organising posts by date.  We use an archive on our blog page which splits posts into year and month.

Structured Data

The pre-set templates in ContentPro come with Structured Data mark-up included, you can also add structured data mark-up to your bespoke templates for improved SEO – see https://developers.google.com/search/docs/guides/intro-structured-data for more information on structured data and how Google uses it to correctly identify your content.

Structured Data

Module options

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