CMS 101

You have probably heard that your website would benefit from a CMS, now we know that web developers love a good acronym, so, this blog piece will attempt to start from the very beginning – what is a CMS and do I need one?

The short answer to this question is yes! There are a number of reasons why your business website will benefit from a web CMS (which is a Content Management System). We will explore them in more detail.

A Content Management System, first and foremost, will help you manage your content. You will be able to make updates to your site when you need to, with no coding or web design knowledge, increasing efficiency and saving you money (you will no longer need to wait to have changes made to your site by a third party web administrator). Pure Systems design and build websites using DNN CMS which offers one of the simplest WYSIWYG in page editors, allowing you to make changes confidently. Even with no technical knowledge you will be able to add new content in the form of regular news or blog pieces, a huge benefit to your website’s SEO (See here for more info on this). Your website can no longer be viewed as a static item to be built and then forgotten about until the next big redesign. For smaller businesses without the benefit of a dedicated IT department, the ability to easily add and amend content is essential.

Another major benefit to using DNN as your web CMS is that your site will be fully responsive on all platforms. This is vital to ensure that you are offering the best user experience, which in turn will make Google happy, helping your website’s SEO.

If you do decide you would like a fresh look to your site, this can easily be done by using a new skin (which effectively overlays a design over your content) allowing a quick and efficient redesign without starting again from the ground up.

Extensibility is another key factor to why a web CMS is important. The ability for your site to grow with your business, the ability to add new modules, whether that is related to taking bookings, creating and maintaining email mailing lists, adding e-commerce functions, intranets, adding a news feed or a live chat support facility, the possibilities are almost endless.

Overall, the change to a web CMS will make your business more efficient, more capable of reacting to change, offer an enhanced user experience and make it fit for purpose in the 21st Century.

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