Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Get the online exposure you need to help grow your business

70% of website links users click on are organic, not paid (Source: Marketing Sherpa). With SEO we can ensure that you get the exposure you need to help grow your business.

By implementing a strong SEO Marketing Strategy we will improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website. Using legitimate SEO Techniques, we will work hard to ensure that your website is visible to the major search engines, raising awareness of your brand and achieving long lasting results.

SEO Strategy Development

SEO Strategy Development - DNN

To make SEO successful, it is important to understand what results you want to achieve.

By producing an in-depth study and analysis of your website we will ensure that a comprehensive strategy is in place before SEO work commences. Providing clear tasks and targets makes higher rankings and greater brand awareness more achievable.

Analysis & building of inbound links

SEO - Analysis & Building of inbound links

Ensure more traffic reaches your website with strong inbound links.

We will research and contact relevant ‘link partners’ for the building of inbound links, helping to increase your page rankings where appropriate. We don't, however, believe in using 'Link Farms' and spamming techniques.

Analysis of keywords and keyphrases

DNN - -Analysis of Keywords and Keyphrases

Keep ahead of your competitors by using the right keywords.

Based on specific requirements, we will research the best keywords and keyphrases within your site structure, specific to your market area. This is invaluable for targeting the right audience and achieving long lasting results.

Production of 'Rank Analysis Reports'

DNN - Production of Rank Analysis Report - SEO

We perform a rank analysis on your site before and after SEO.

A regular report is generated from these results, enabling you to see how your site is performing in the major search engines. Based on these results we can then determine what areas need improving in order to achieve higher rankings.

Knowing how your SEO is performing (or not performing!) is essential to improving your rankings and maximising your site traffic.

By using our SEO website review service, you can gain an unbiased in-depth analysis of your website SEO and how closely it relates to what your target users are searching for. After the review has taken place, we will produce a report for you which will enable you to really see which areas you need to improve.

Pure Systems Marketing Strategy

Want to find out more? Take a look at our SEO Website Review or contact us for more information.

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