A Digital Marketing Department

Even if you haven't got one

Content Marketing


Content should be at the heart of any business’ digital marketing strategy. It is no longer enough to create a website and sit back and hope for the best. Regularly adding to, and updating, your site helps with search engine visibility and improves your ranking.

Providing quality site content builds trust in your brand and positions you as an authority in your field. In practice though, many businesses lack the time, expertise or the resources to make the most of the benefits of content marketing.  Sporadic blog updates and out of date information are often the result, which is damaging. We can create compelling, keyword optimised content for you, whether that is by regular updates to your business blog, keeping your website news pages up to date, or strengthening and optimising content on other parts of your website. As well as regular posts, as part of a schedule, we can also offer longer, one-off pieces.

Our marketing department can provide monthly social media schedules, regular content creation for your blog or news pages, a one off email marketing campaign or permanent automated campaign, just ask... it's like your own marketing department even if you haven't got one!

Email Marketing


Email Marketing is widely recognised as one of the most effective, least expensive forms of marketing. No wonder really as it is predicted that email users will be at 2.9 billion by 2019, sending and receiving 246 billion emails daily. Source Radicati

So, there is no doubt that email marketing is still a medium worth using and, more importantly, getting right. For nurturing leads and keeping your customers up to date there are few better methods which can be so easily targeted and measured. With automation, your email can be working, even when you are not. Once set up, email marketing can be low cost with high ROI and offers a great opportunity to communicate directly with your customers. Utilising techniques like AB testing means that you can easily try out new ideas and get invaluable insight into what your customers like.

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Pay Per Click & Adwords


Pay Per Click advertising can be an extremely effective tool for instant impact and increased exposure in search. This can be a great option for new websites and new products as well as a good way to give your rankings a boost alongside organic strategies which, will always take more time to become established.

As well as being a very well targeted and cost-effective form of advertising, unlike traditional forms of advertising, you can see exactly what is working and what is not. Following initial keyword research and campaign setup, our ongoing management of your Pay Per Click advertising account means that we will monitor its performance and suggest tweaks along the way to make ensure your advertising spend is delivering the results you want.

Social Media Management


A presence on social media is a must-have for most businesses. The main social channels in the UK boast over 80 million active users. Facebook is still the biggest social channel in the UK with 32 million active users, more than 70% of them logging on daily. 

That is a lot of potential customers!  Whether you need some help getting set up on social media, want to build on your existing audience, improve user engagement across your existing social media accounts, explore targeted advertising, drive more visitors to your website or physical location,  or you just can’t find the time to post regularly enough keep your followers engaged, we can help you get on top of social media and start getting the results you want. We can offer a programme of regular, scheduled posts across a range of social networks, help with targeting and social media advertising as well as making sure your profiles are looking their best.

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Video Marketing


In an age of information overload, videos are a great way to provide information visually and can be used as product demos, explainers, online presentations or just to provide additional detail without relying on too much website text.

Online video is also great for your site’s SEO, It will make visitors stay longer on your website and can provide them with direction as to what your website is for and what action you want visitors to take next. Increasing engagement and decreasing bounce will help to build site authority and, ultimately, improve your search engine rankings. Pure Systems can create unique, engaging online videos in a variety of styles, quickly and affordably. We can also script and commission a voiceover if required.