ContentPro - Module Launch

We have been working hard developing a new content module for DNN.   The ability to add content, simply and quickly to your website is one of the key factors in the success or otherwise of a content marketing strategy.  If your website is not easily updated, or if content additions have to be done by an outside agency or even a separate internal department, the momentum behind them is easily lost.

Content marketing relies upon content being added regularly. Also, the ability to be current and reactive is important.    We have all heard that the addition of fresh content to a website is very SEO positive and that ‘content is king’.  The truth is, SEO relies very heavily on content and content relies very heavily on SEO. In many ways you cannot have one without the other. 

The identification of fresh content on your site when indexed by Google shows that the site is active and well managed, this will increase your ranking in search.  If you produce high quality content that visitors to your site want to read, your content will be seen as authoritative, this is also very positive in terms of your Google Ranking.  Engaging content which keeps websites visitors on your site, looking at multiple pages is an indicator that your site is relevant to the search which brought them there, which will also positively impact your ranking. 

The challenge to creating content is two fold, initially, researching and deciding what to write and then, actually getting the content on to your site so that it can be read!  Articles, white papers, Blog posts, News articles, staff bio’s are all great ways to populate your site with high quality, keyword rich content and achieve back links.   

Our brand new ContentPro module has been developed specifically to enable the addition of fresh, fully responsive content, in a wide variety of formats, quickly and simply.  The interface is simple to use and is suitable for both beginners and DNN experts.  This enables the task of adding content and site updates to be entirely managed via the marketing department of an organisation and those with, possibly, less technical skill.   The module allows existing blogs (including comments) and articles to be imported from other popular modules (currentlyLiveBlog and SunBlogNuke with more to come).  You can publish in multiple formats across multiple pages on your site and either use our templates or create your own.   We have been using the module to create blogs, articles, news pages, product galleries, staff bio pages, event listings and more besides.  ContentPro will be released very soon for the first Beta testers – if you are interested in a Beta Trial of ContentPro – click here. You will also qualify for a special deal on the launch of the full module in the DNN store.