Why choose DNN?

Secure, reliable and well supported with over 10 million downloads

The benefits of using DNN

As the world's leading CMS for businesses, there are hundreds of benefits to opting for a DNN (DotNetNuke) CMS. Listed below are just a few that we think are the most important!

Content & Document Management

DNN enables you to edit content directly through a web browser. There is no need to upload any files and all content can be changed in real time. DNN 7.0 + includes drag & drop modules, auto save, version compare and content approval workflows. The DNN document library has cloud support which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint for publishing and list support.

File sharing

When it comes to file sharing, DNN supports multi-site management with cloud file storage (Amazon/s3 Folder Provider), cross site module sharing and role based content editing.


DNN is fully tested & verified with a 24x7 security centre (Pro-active security notifications). Other security features include - Content Approval Workflow, Granular Permissions, Security Roles, Application integrity, Health Monitoring, Active Directory Authentication Provider and Site Groups

Mobile Websites

DNN supports mobile device websites with device detection/redirection, a mobile site previewer, site groups and a premium 51 degrees mobile device detection database.

Social Communities

DNN Evoq social enables you to quickly build internal social networks to improve collaboration, communication and employee productivity. It also enables the creation of external communities that turn customers into advocates, lowering support costs and increasing revenue opportunities. Member Directories can be implemented alongside message centres and interactive profiles.

Customise & Extend

DNN is fully customisable and extendable by using template skins and modules. It uses CSS to manage the visual design and the services framework is based on web API.


DNN has a built-in eCommerce solution for a small portfolio of goods and services.

Performance & Stability

DNN supports page/module caching, web farm support (cache synchronization), cloud file storage (Azure/Amazon), multi-site support and is Azure ready.


DNN is fully Supported (unlimited technical Support) and has a full access Knowledge base. Phone support is offered with a guaranteed two hour response time.

Managing content with DNN

DotNetNuke helps you build and manage content-rich websites and online communities that are accessible from any device.

Due to it's popularity we are often asked to explain why DNN is so good and what it can do that other Content Management Systems cannot. We can't fit them all in, however, listed below are some of the reasons why DNN is far superior to other web platforms.

Pure Systems - Why choose DNN?

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Did you know.....

Some interesting facts about DNN!

  • DNN is the most widely adopted CMS for Microsoft .NET
  • DNN is the largest and most successful open source project for the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Over 7 million users have downloaded DNN
  • 1 million+ community members
  • There are thousands of commercial apps. available
  • DNN is used worldwide

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