DNN Page Caching Module

Loading times getting your customers down? Turbo charge your DNN website with psPageCache, a DNN page caching module.

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Why should I use your DNN Page Caching module

Every time a page on a DNN website loads, all those installed Modules need to be re-loaded. This takes time as the CMS has to query the database, the database then needs to return all the page information, this action is completed for every page load/refresh.

psPageCache works by creating and storing a cached HTML version of every page on whichever DNN website it is installed on. Instead of the CMS having to access the database each time a page is loaded, this cached version is sent back to the user instead. This drastically reduces the waiting times for users as there is no need to re-build the page from the database for every page request.


  • Easy to install, psPageCache simply plugs into DNN versions v6+
  • psPageCache comes with a Page Settings interface and an easy to use admin module, enabling the management of page cache settings en-masse
  • Both file cache and memory cache options are available for more flexibility
  • Options to specify querystring parameters to enable page caching based on querystring differences
  • 12 months of free updates
  • Comprehensive user guide - download guide
  • See the latest updates to the module
DDoS Multi-Layers
DDoS Multi-Layers

Enhancing Performance

If you are looking for a quick and super effective way to enhance the performance of your DNN website then why not try our DNN page caching module - psPageCache.

Easy to install and setup, psPageCache utilises and enhances the powerful in-built DNN page caching features to turbo charge your DNN website.

Enabling you to choose between file and memory based caching on a 'per page' basis, means you can specify which parts of your website need a super boost.


The Single Domain licence allows the Licensee to install this package on one DNN portal using one domain/sub-domain. 

The Three Domain Licence allows the Licensee to install this package on three DNN portals using up to three different domains/sub-domains.