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DNN jquery Slide ShowModule

The psSlideShow jQuery DNN slide show module can be used to cycle through banner images with text and HTML content. With different templates you can also create something more interactive.

Simple Image Transitions with text overlay

This is a simple example of image transitions and the ability to add an overlay title and text. The title text can be used as a link, which can be set when adding the details.

This is the first slide title and is a link as well
Some exciting test to place over the image.
This is the second slide title and is a link as well
Some more interesting text to read...
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Positioning text over images

The example below demonstrates the ability to position the text over the image. The vertical value can be set to top, middle, bottom or a percentage from the top, and the horizontal value can be set to left or right with a pixel or percentage value from the edge. The width of the overlay can also be set to a pixel or percentage value.

This is the first slide title and is a link as well
Some exciting test to place over the image.
This is the second slide title and is a link as well
This is the second slide title and is a link as well
Some more interesting text to read...

Adding HTML content

The psSlideShow DNN slideshow module is extremely flexible when it comes to creating content for your website. HTML content can be added instead of imagery, enabling you to create the slides exactly how you want whilst using any of the 27 different available transitions.

Slide can also contain HTML to give you more flexibility.

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Interactive Template Systems

An example of the module using the Interactive Template systems - which give you complete control over the layout, CSS and JavaScript.

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