Cookie Compliancy Module - Change Log

Version 01.01.02
Updated locale aware code.

Version 01.01.01
Fixed bug in message text output.

Version 01.01.00
Added multi-lingual support for all module settings.

Version 01.00.12
Updated module to remove module.css and rename to psCookieComp.css.
Added new feature to allow the use of Portal templates.

Version 01.00.11
Updated module to load in JS from template files.

Version 01.00.10
Updated cookie path.

Version 01.00.09
Updated Module Settings color picker. Updated position of banner content to bottom of HTML to avoid search engines picking up on the text.

Version 01.00.08
Updated CSS3 styles to work better with IE when skin doctype is set to HTML.

Version 01.00.07
Updated simplemodal jQuery plugin for proper IE9 compatibility.

Version 01.00.06
Added SkinObject option.

Version 01.00.04
Included 4 new notice styles and locations. Each style is now templated for more flexibility.

Version 01.00.03
Update to installation script.

Version 01.00.02
Update to licensing routine.

Version 01.00.01
First release.