psSiteSearch Change Log

DNN Search Engine

The psSiteSearch module is a truly advanced search engine module for your DNN website. Index any HTML content as well as Microsoft Office and PDF documents.

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Version 02.02.07
Updated search input cleaning.

Version 02.02.06
Updated DNN version detection routine.

Version 02.02.05
Updated portal directory file indexing to work with the Link Filters.

Version 02.02.04
Updated search results with addition of alt text for document type images.

Version 02.02.03
Updated search results "Filter by Role" option to correctly filter out secure files from search results.

Version 02.02.02
Updated PDF indexing to set document title correctly.

Version 02.02.01
Updated file indexing to recursively index selected DNN folders.

Version 02.02.00
Updated to be compatible with DNN 9.2. Minimum DNN version support is now DNN v6.

Version 02.01.05
Updated search spider to support Tls versions.

Version 02.01.04
Updated search input control register script.

Version 02.01.03
Updated parsing routine of html files.

Version 02.01.02
Updated paging links.

Version 02.01.01
Updated spider link rules.

Version 02.01.00
Updated the installer package with new licensing & lucene libraries.

Version 02.00.35
Updated the installer package.

Version 02.00.34
Updated the Module Settings for the Search Control. Now includes ability to set the Submit button to either ImageButton or LinkButton. You can now set either the ImageButton image or the LinkButton text along with the CSS class to use.

Version 02.00.33
Bug fixes to modules Settings UI.

Version 02.00.32
Updated to HTMLEncode query output in search results.

Version 02.00.31
Corrected results page querystring parsing.

Version 02.00.30
Updated Directories to Index to use DNN API to support storage providers.

Version 02.00.29
Updated issue with SQL uninstall script.

Version 02.00.28
Updated Facet document type links to use resource file text.
Updated Lucene.net library to v3.0.3.

Version 02.00.27
Added facility for crawler to log any links found with a status code of '404', i.e. broken links.

Version 02.00.26
Updated PDF reader component to iTextSharp for improved indexing performance.

Version 02.00.25
Updated Canonical behaviour to only exclude pages which have a canonical link which refers to a different site page along with a case sensitive option.

Version 02.00.24
Updated link filters routine to correctly catch redirected links and apply filters.

Version 02.00.22
Updated module for DNN v6.2 compatibility

Version 02.00.21
Added options to set the max length of the search results description text by setting the number of result fragments and the length of each fragment.
Added ability to remove a Word or Phrase from the search result titles within the search results.

Version 02.00.20
Added option to allow for redirected URLs found by the spider to show their original URL. Particularly useful if you need to preserve any DNN LinkClick.aspx URLs in DNN 6.
Updated Search Results page to display "no results" message when an empty search phrase is submitted.

Version 02.00.18
Added option to set the default Query type to Fuzzy.

Version 02.00.17
Added option to specify the search Submit Button image URL via the Skin object.

Version 02.00.16
Update search results code to handle situation where a home page hasn't been selected in the DNN Site Settings page.

Version 02.00.15
Added ability to direct search queries to a URL as well as a DNN page.
Updated Search Results page settings to allow the searching of sites from other portals.

Version 02.00.14
Updated Robots.txt parsing routine.
Updated CSS for search input button.

Version 02.00.13
Updated jQuery include routine so it's not unnecessarily loaded on the Search Admin page.

Version 02.00.12
Updated module to use Lucene.Net v2.9.4

Version 02.00.11
Make Azure compatible.
Added option to hide URLs in search results.
Added option to make search result titles for documents use the anchor title attribute.

Version 02.00.09
Updated query parsing routine.

Version 02.00.08
Updated robots.txt file processing.

Version 02.00.07
Updated DNN6 compatibility for linkclick URLs.

Version 02.00.05
Repackaged installer.

Version 02.00.04
Updated Windows login settings to correctly remember password without the need to re-enter it each time the site settings are updated.

Version 02.00.02
Updated installer scripts. Added Required validator to Search Results settings for Sites selection.

Version 02.00.00
Updated Search Admin page to allow for multiple sites (DNN and non-DNN) to be added and indexed.
Added ability to show search results Facets and filter results by a selected facet.
Ability to show the search results link document type icon.
Updated Search Results settings to allow ability to select multiple sites to search.
Added Search Results option to open documents in a new window.
Added Search Results option to open documents in a new window.
Added 'Canonical' regular expression setting so that if a page is found with a Canonical link it will be ignored and not indexed.

Version 01.02.00
Added the ability to filter search results based on the user’s permissions.

Version 01.01.21
New addition of option to add File system paths to the search scope.

Version 01.01.14
Updated module to allow URLs with port number present.

Version 01.01.13
Updated module to allow for multiple child portals.

Version 01.01.11
Updated Lucene indexing procedure.

Version 01.01.10
Updated search results layout to hide paging controls when max results per page is set to 0.

Version 01.01.09
Updated CSS classes for search results presentation.

Version 01.01.07
Updated PDF indexing routine if PDF iFilter isn’t available. Faster indexing is achieved of PDFs in this instance and is compatible with 64bit platforms.

Version 01.01.06
Updated spider to allow ignore regions and link text filters to enable the exclusion of URLs containing matched strings.

Version 01.01.05
Updated spider link routine for better parsing of files.

Version 01.01.04
Updated iFilter plug-in to better support PDF and Office documents.

Version 01.01.03
Updated logging options. Updated search results options to specify URL length.

Version 01.01.02
Updated spider agent.

Version 01.01.01
Updated spider to use default document setting to remove duplicate results for the home page.

Version 01.01.00
Updated spider to login using Windows account if required. Added ability to specify DNN Role for spider to impersonate when indexing the site.

Version 01.00.02
Added ability to specify a DNN Role and for the spider to impersonate when indexing the site. Added ability to specify a Windows Domain and User account for sites protected with Windows authentication.

Version 01.00.01
Updates to the indexing routine to fix problems in rare casing with the index files being locked.

Version 01.00.00
First release.