DNN Search Engine

The psSiteSearch module is a truly advanced search engine module for your DNN website. Index any HTML content as well as Microsoft Office and PDF documents.

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Why use psSiteSearch?

  • Search multiple DNN and non-DNN websites
  • psSiteSearch will search any type of content on your DNN website, including web pages, Microsoft Office documents and PDF files
  • Search results are ranked more accurately making sure your users see the correct pages
  • It uses the DNN scheduler to run at regular intervals ensuring your new site content is indexed when you want
  • Shows your users what the search results are linking to - Web Page, PDF, Office Document, etc.
  • Allows your users to filter the search results by the result type, i.e. Web Page, PDF, Office Document, etc.
  • Works with DNN v4.9.1+
  • See the latest updates to the module

Advanced DNN search engine module

The psSiteSearch search engine module is a direct replacement for the built-in DNN search module.

Based on Lucene.net, it includes a web spider which will crawl your site and gather all page URLs, enabling you to have a real search engine on your own website!

Using psSiteSearch will give you much more control over your website search results and will provide your users with more accurate results.

The search engine will honour your robots.txt file and also any page META directives including "no index" and "no follow".

DDoS Multi-Layers

New in V2

  • Filter search results by current user permissions
  • Ability to add multiple sites (DNN and non-DNN) to be indexed and which sites should be used for search results per module instance
  • Ability to show search result Facets (Document type) and filter results by the selected facet
  • Option to show the search result document type icon - makes it easy for your users to identify the type of document a link is going to - Word, Excel, Web page, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.
  • Option to make links to documents open in a new window
  • Option to add Portal file system paths to the search scope for each site added
  • Option to enter a 'Canonical Link' regular expression setting so that if a page is found with a Canonical link it will be ignored and not indexed.
  • Improved PDF indexing performance

Don't just take our word for it - our customers think it's great too!

This is a fantastic replacement for the Core Search (which barely works). Now users can actually search for terms and GET RESULTS! Support was fantastic when I emailed them for help with indexing (again, it worked itself out on its own, i think it just needed time to schedule and index), they responded within minutes to provide assistance.
Dave G

We are very pleased with psSiteSearch. It has all the options we were looking for and it's working fine. Its wildcard search is great and will make the 'searching experience' much easier, especially for our less experienced colleagues. I'm also very glad it could be tailored to our wishes adding a Paging-off option. Thumbs up!!!
D.A.J. Beerman


  • True web spider crawling and indexing of your site content including Microsoft Office and PDF documents
  • DNN v4.9.1+ compatible
  • W3C and XHTML Compliant
  • 64 bit version available
  • Support multiple DNN and non-DNN sites to be indexed and includes the ability to choose which sites to search for each instance of the Search Results module
  • Link text filters - so you can filter out certain URLs from being indexed
  • NOINDEX/Ignore regions are honoured by the spider
  • Index your site using a specific DNN Role
  • Option to set the default query operator (OR/AND) and whether the search should use a Wildcard operator
  • Option to specify a Windows account for sites protected by Windows Authentication/Active Directory
  • Honours your robots.txt rules
  • Honours page META directives including "no index" and "no follow"
  • Skin object so you can include the search control directly into your skin templates
  • Easy administration with just one module installed and reused
  • Automatic spider schedule using the DNN scheduler
  • Supports multiple child portals
  • Search input box allows the user to enter a search term and just press the enter key to perform the search. Saves users having to click the search button
  • Search operators include: OR, AND, NOT
  • Term modifiers include:Wildcard Searches , Fuzzy Searches , Proximity Searches , Range Searches, Term Boosting
  • 12 months of free updates
  • Comprehensive user guide - download guide


The Single Domain licence allows the Licensee to install this package on one DNN portal using one domain/sub-domain. The Five Domain Licence allows the Licensee to install this package on five DNN portals using up to five different domains/sub-domains.