Why is fresh content important for your website?

You are always being told that ‘content is king’ and that fresh content is important for your site’s SEO. In this article we want to exlore the reasons why.  

Google loves an update 

There is no denying Google’s supremacy in internet search, so keeping Google happy is the single most important factor in your sites’ SEO. Google’s bots are constantly crawling the web looking for new websites and pages which can be indexed. Regular site updates containing relevant and informative content will mean that your site is indexed more frequently and give you the opportunity to be ranked higher by Google. 

More content means more keywords 

Articles and blog posts, news items, product updates, testimonials are all a great opportunity to add relevant keywords to your site without resorting to the old fashioned methods of ‘keyword stuffing’. Keyword density is less important that keyword relevance. Blogs and articles which enable people to leave comments are great as new comments are new content, so, encourage engagement with your blog. Pay attention to title tags, meta tags and page descriptions in terms of keywords. 

Content = Authority 

Content marketing is all about being authoritative in your field, building trust in your customers and adding value to your site and their browsing experience. Businesses which demonstrate a good knowledge of their customers, keep up to date with industry specific news and demonstrate that through their website will be seen as authoritative by their customers, and crucially, by Google. Engaging content on your site will reduce bounce and increase engagement and page views, factors which are also important in terms of search visibility. 

Up to date content indicates a healthy business 

When you keep your site content up to date website visitors will trust you more – there is nothing more off putting than looking at news items which are out of date or ‘upcoming’ events which have come and gone. Fresh content shows that your business is active, engaged and alive and is more likely to create trust in your company. 

So, how can you adopt a strategy to keep your own site content fresh? 

One of the factors which a lot of clients worry about when trying to manage frequent content updates is time. Many of us understand that we ‘should’ be adding new content to our website, but, the reality is the time it takes can be, or can appear to be, prohibitive. A good CMS will make this easier. Adding content to a pre-defined template within your DNN CMS simplifies the task enormously. You should be able to set aside an hour or so a week to make some updates to your site. Consider a page which offers the ability to add a variety of different types of article - see an example Here. Some longer ‘blog’ type pieces, interspersed with staff updates, product innovations, client reviews, case studies, new products or services and relevant industry news – a lot of this is content that you do not need to think about as you have it already. 

 If you would like to find out more about how we can help with keeping your site content fresh in just a few hours per month, contact us.