Why Blog? - A blog post about blogging

Does your company website have a blog?

A blog is becoming a must have for businesses for a variety of reasons. This type of content marketing has many benefits over traditional marketing techniques. On a basic level, having a blog on your company website gives your business a voice and makes it more human – blogs can give insight into your industry in a way that is more accessible and less overtly sales driven.

A company blog allows you to show your expertise in your field of business. It also allows you to share opinions, insight and guides to supplement your sales pages, all of which will inspire confidence in potential customers who are searching for information before contacting a company. A blog will also give you a great repository of content to post to social media and provide email marketing content.

A blog can be easily updated very regularly and offers a fresh supply of website content, which is not only great for your customers as it provides a reason to return to your site, but also great for your website SEO. The more pages on your site that contain quality content, the more natural search visits you will receive.

Research by Hubspot has shown that companies with a website blog have on average 434% more indexed pages and 97% more inbound links than those who don’t. Their research has also shown that businesses that blog more than 15 times a month get 5x more web traffic than those that don’t blog at all.

The case for business blogging is strong, but, in reality, we know only too well that it can be difficult to find the time, resources and often the inspiration to blog regularly, but it is well worth the effort. See our top tips below for advice.

Top Tips for a great business blog

  • A good Web Content Management System will make regular updates to your blog simple to achieve.
    Pure Systems are DNN specialists, a DNN content management system makes updating your blog super simple.
  • Target your market with useful content.
    Don’t just use your blog to constantly promote your company – engage your target market with useful content. Become an authority in your business field.
  • Make your blog visually appealing
    The use of images and other media attracts a greater audience. Use infographics to easily communicate information.
  • Answer Customer Questions.
    If you find you are often asked the same questions, your blog is a great place to publish a piece to answer these questions.
  • Case studies and success stories make great content.
    If you receive some great feedback, ask permission to turn it into a blog post. You could also review a business of service you have used.
  • Share your news.
    Business news, new products, new premises, industry information and new clients can all create news for your blog.
  • Read other blogs.
    You can often get ideas and inspiration from your competitors!

Happy Blogging!