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South West Lakes Trust

South West Lakes Trust (SWLT) is the largest conservation and recreation charity in the South West of England. One of their main aims is to promote and enhance sustainable recreation and nature conservation on and around 50 Lakes in the South West.

SWLT were looking for an interactive platform for their recently compiled Oral History Project 'Wolf Tales'. They wanted to transfer all the data collected for the project and display it on an easily accessible online system in the Roadford Lake visitor's centre.

The system was developed in DNN and uses a back end database. Users can access a range of media including audio and video interviews, press clippings and historical photographs through the system.

Due to the popularity of the project, SWLT commissioned the creation of an interactive DVD ROM which would be sold at the visitors centre at Roadford.

The Interactive DVD ROM was developed using Flash. It was designed to look like the intranet featured in the visitor's centre at Roadford. Audio, video and visual media was imported into Flash and embedded within the final movie.

  • DNN Intranet Development
  • Flash Development
  • Interactive DVD ROM
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South West Lakes Trust
South West Lakes Trust
South West Lakes Trust