Web CMS – What’s the big deal?

What’s the big deal about a web CMS?  There are a number of different CMS systems you can choose from to build your website, at Pure Systems we build all our websites in DNN which we think is one of the best options available.  So why should you choose a CMS based system? 

1.         Control

The major strength of a quality CMS like DNN is that is puts you in control of your own website.  Once set up you will be free to make changes, update and add content to your site.  Websites used to be looked at as a static item, built and then, too often, forgotten.  If you wanted to make any changes to your site it could mean a lengthy wait for the IT Dept, or even an outside company to do it for you.  A good CMS like DNN enables you to handle updates and additions with ease in a ‘code free’ environment, via a simple interface, with fresh content being a major factor in SEO, this is a great advantage enabling non-technical users to add and update content quickly and simply.  As increasingly website updates are becoming a marketing led activity, ease of use is a huge advantage.

2.         Open Source

A strength of DNN, and many other web CMS is that they are open source platforms which means that they are free to download and there is no licence to pay.  Updates and patches are generally available pretty quickly as there is an army of developers working on things all the time.  This also means that the software is constantly being improved and generally, updates are available more quickly than with proprietary software which relies on a more formal release.

3.         Permissions

Being able to assign permissions to individuals to limit who has what access to your site means that you can have multiple contributors to your site without compromising your

site’s security.

4.         Global Changes

When using a CMS for your website it is possible to make global changes across your website without having to update multiple pages, a change of address, phone number or email can easily be changed across your entire site.

5.         Flexibility

With literally thousands of modules available for DNN it is simple to add functionality to your website.  Whether you are looking for eCommerce capability, a blog or content management module, email sign-up forms, galleries, news articles there will be a massive choice of add-ons available. 

6.         Redesigning just got easier

Using a CMS like DNN means that you can give your website a new look, without having to rebuild the whole thing, by reskinning – effectively, layering a new look onto the existing content and structure.  DNN websites are also responsive by default so you can be confident that you are taking advantage of the SEO benefits of a responsive website, as well as giving your website users the best possible experience.

So, for a website which is fit for the 21st century and has the necessary agility and flexibility to adapt and respond to changing demands and markets, a web CMS is essential.  At Pure systems we are DNN experts and can advise on the best way to integrate DNN, to either an existing or brand new website.  Contact us for more information.