Why Choose DNN over other CMS solutions?

There are a number of options out there for Content Management Systems so why choose DNN?

Pure Systems works exclusively with DNN as we believe it is the best open source CMS available. But how does it compare with other content management systems?

DNN vs. Wordpress

It is often said that Wordpress is easier to use than DNN. However, this is really not the case, Wordpress has much more limited content management capabilities. The admin panel for DNN is built into the site with on page editing and drag and drop capabilities so it is much more WYSIWYG than Wordpress, which utilises a separate (some may say cumbersome!) admin interface. Not so good for quick editing and additions.

Wordpress does not offer implementation for .NET whereas DNN is the most widely adopted CMS for Microsoft .NET.

Wordpress was originally developed as a blog platform and was never intended to be a CMS, so therefore does not include all the features you would find in a proper CMS.

#Winner - DNN

DNN vs. Joomla

Joomla lacks some of the core functionality of DNN but does compensate for this by being highly customizable with plug-ins available to bridge the core functionality gap.

There are a huge number of customisable templates available for Joomla, this can be seen as an advantage in terms of design, however many of these templates use very similar layouts and this can result in sites looking very similar. The ‘skinning’ feature in DNN separates content from design so, for building truly unique websites, DNN is superior.

Again, DNN is easier to use with its in-page editing allowing quick and confident updates. Joomla admin is less user friendly and, like Wordpress, you have to log in to a separate area of the site to make content changes.

#Winner - DNN

DNN vs. Drupal

Drupal and DNN are both open source and free. Unlike DNN, there is no commercial version of Drupal and as such there is no direct support from Drupal. Support for Drupal would come from third party developers, which may not prove to be 100% reliable. DNN has both community support and support directly from DNN Corp.

Another key difference is that Drupal is PHP based and runs mainly on Linux (also mostly open source) whereas DNN operates on the .NET framework and therefore benefits from the support, security and regular updates of Windows. In our opinion, DNN is a better bet for your business website than Drupal for support and security.

#Winner - DNN

Secure, reliable and well supported with over 10 million downloads - DNN will enable you to build and manage content-rich, responsive websites and social communities.