Benefits of a high-performance DNN hosting platform

I thought it would be worth talking about the benefits of the high-performance DNN hosting platform which we use at Pure Systems for all our clients.

It runs on the popular VMware vSphere platform which is packed full of enterprise features such as High-Availability (HA), vMotion and Storage vMotion – all of these features mean that any problems with a virtual machine can be dealt with automatically by vSphere and moved to another host without disrupting your business operations.

High Availability

High Availability (HA) is the key to the success of our hosting platform – if a physical server develops a problem, all affected virtual machines are automatically restarted on another server. If the OS develops a fault, vSphere HA restarts the virtual machine on the same server. The result of these features means less downtime of your business critical websites and applications.


The storage platform is made up of Pure Storage providing flash storage for those demanding workloads such as MS SQL server. Alongside this, EMC Storage provides VMware optimised, flash-accelerated storage with the highest levels of transactional performance. In any Virtualisation environment, the bottleneck is often the storage platform which is why we’ve chosen a solution which provides the best performance for VMs. This all translates into incredible speeds and response times for your DNN website.

Backup and Recovery

We can provide an enhanced backup and recovery service for your data and VMs by utilising the VMware vSphere® Data Protection features. For instance, restoring a VM can take place within minutes and not hours which means there is far less downtime for your VM. Our backup and recovery service is fully managed and monitored for you.


All VMs are protected by an enterprise firewall. We have employed the vCloud Networking and Security (VCNS) application which runs directly on the hypervisors, guaranteeing the best performance throughout.


As a CloudFlare partner we can increase the performance of your website by providing CloudFlare services which will cache and protect your site. This service utilises the CloudFlare CDN which will distribute your website content around the world. This ensures that the requested web content is closer to your visitors, wherever they may be located located, speeding up response and download times.

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All the features above result in a hosting platform that is lightning quick, available 100% of the time and secure.