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Feb 26, 2015
26 Feb 2015

DNN platform 7.4

DNN community members have been busy developing the latest version of the successful CMS web platform.

DNN community members have worked hard and the results have paid off as DNN platform 7.4 has now been released!

There are some great enhancements and bug fixes in DNN V 7.4, some are listed below.

  • Workflow and Versioning API - Workflow is one of the most requested features for DNN and now DNN7.4 enables developers to implement workflow into their own modules and applications.  
  • Multi-Language site settings - Site settings can now be customised on a per-language basis. This provides more control when building multi-language DNN sites.
  • Improved HTML5 Support - DNN 7.4 has improved the support for HTML5, making it easier to create sites with valid HTML5 markup.

Other more technical enhancements are listed below.

  • Refactored PortalSettings and Eventlogs to better support future enhancements
  • Enhanced User Search to include email and username
  • Removed obsolete meta tagsUpdated 51Degrees to
  • Added HTML Editor Manager module
  • Added localization support for Persian
  • Added localization support for additional culture code formats

Thanks to all the community contributors - Peter Donker, Philipp Becker, Jan Jonas, Brian Dukes, Sebastian Leupold, Oliver Hine, Rich Campbell, Stephen Lim, Sacha Trauween, Joshua Bradley, Behnam Emamian, Henry Kenuam, Abadi Kurniawan, Bogdan Litescu, Mitchel Sellers, Rob Siera, Daniel Valadas, Roman M. Yagodin, Evan Smith, apin13, 9Reg, Raphael-m.