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Feb 20, 2015
20 Feb 2015

DNN Evoq 8 launched

Web Content Management and beyond!

Earlier this month DNN released Evoq 8 - the latest version of their flagship web content management platform.

There are some new and exciting features in the latest version, which make it stand out from other web based social platforms.

  • Analytics - New to Evoq 8, the page-level content analytics are easy to understand and navigate for any user regardless of analytic experience. The analytic data is presented as an overlay on each web page includes statistics on page views, referrers, unique visitors and conversions without having to click away to a separate analytics system.
  • Personalisation - Rules can be established to personalise website content based on visitors' profiles. These rules can be based on geography, account registration, gender, age, recent visits, referral source, search terms and ad clicks.
  • Centralised Access to Cloud-Hosted Content Storage - Evoq 8 includes easy to access built-in connectors to Box, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft SharePoint and Marketo. 
  • Flexible Content Layouts - Users can choose from a selection of page layouts, or customise their own from a simple drag and drop interface. Any custom layouts created can then be saved as a new layout template. 

These are just a few of the new features, for more information regarding DNN Evoq 8 and how it can help your business please contact us.

DNN Evoq 8 Launched