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Nov 19, 2014
19 Nov 2014

DNN 7.3.4 Released

DNN release new stabilisation version of the popular CMS.

The release focuses on stabilisation and is a smaller version than usual, concentrating on fixing the most important platform issues, a summary of which are listed below:

Major Highlights

  • Fixed issue where site settings were not updating correctly in multi-language installations
  • Fixed issue where partial site templates were not working correctly with child sites
  • Fixed issue where links created in Telerik RadEditor were not correct
  • Fixed issue where search results might be duplicated
  • Fixed issue where user could not change default value for a profile property
  • Fixed issue where a file uploaded from the web is not visible in the Host File Management
  • Fixed issue where ControlBarController returned invalid JSON
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't add a module in a spanish language site
  • Fixed issue where a clustered index was missing from a search table
  • Fixed issue where uploading an ICO file failed
  • Fixed issue where HTML Editor Permissions were not working correctly
  • Fixed issue where popups were not centered on the screen
  • Fixed issue where popup iframe is not initialized correctly
  • Fixed issue where AUM was not correctly handling 301 redirects
  • Fixed issue where multiple region/country controls in a profile did not work correctly
  • Added ability to save localized lists to resource file
  • Added method to remove all subscriptions from a ContentItem

Security Issues

  • none
 A full list of all the issues resolved can be found on the DNN issue tracker. DNN version 7.3.4 is expected to be the final platform release before the arrival of DNN 7.4.0 (Jan 2015).