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May 2, 2014
2 May 2014

Latest version of DNN's Evoq Social is released

The award-winning solution makes it even easier to manage your online community.

May 1 2014 saw the release of the latest version of DNN's Evoq Social.

With version 2.0 the focus is very much on providing analytic data for community managers wanting to keep on top of their stats.

The new version of Evoq Social now has a mobile dashboard so managers can access & view information such as top performing areas and popular trending topics, from any device. These new developments enables marketers and community managers to encourage top influencers, monitor
the most active members, and rank, value, and reward top contributors, which in turn develops a healthy online community.

"An active, healthy, well-managed community directly correlates into higher customer engagement, retention rates and net promoter scores," said Will Morgenweck, vice president, product management, DNN. "We designed Evoq Social with the community manager's objectives in mind, continuing to optimize and simplify their role of successfully managing an online community."

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