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Jun 8, 2009
8 Jun 2009

Improved Support Packages with Monthly Maintenance

Support Packages now including monthly maintenance, link checking, a 10% discount and much more.

It's out with the old and in with the new here at Pure Systems as we have replaced our old support packages with a new and improved version.

The way it works now is simple - from as little as £65 + VAT a month for a basic package, we will ensure that your website content is up to date without lifting a finger.

Please see below for what's Included within a monthly subscription.
  • Priority status on all work
  • The latest functional and security updates to your CMS
  • Up to an hours work on your website per month
  • 10% discount on further development work
  • A monthly review of your site to ensure all links are working and all images can be viewed
  • Technical support via email or phone during office hours
  • Details of your dedicated account manager
  • Quarterly reports on the work we have carried out for you

With the introduction of bolt-ons to our package, you can tailor your package to ensure that you are only paying for what you need.

Our bolt-ons include:
  • 24/7 Website monitoring
    Ensure that your site stays online and operational at all times
  • Extra hours for website work
    Add as many hours as you like to your support plan for additional website work
  • Out of office ‘Mission Critical’ 24/7 technical support
    For companies that need to be online at all times.
  • Daily website backups
    Backup to the latest version of the site
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) upgrade
    Additional hours per month dedicated to SEO and your website rankings

More information on our Website Monthly Maintenance and Support Package can be found here.