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Sep 1, 2011
1 Sep 2011

Pure Systems is 5 years old!

Celebrate with us by receiving a 20% discount on the psSiteSearch DotNetNuke module.

Pure Systems will be 5 years old in November and to celebrate we are giving a 20% discount to the first 10 users who purchase the DotNetNuke psSiteSearch from Snowcovered.com.

The psSiteSearch is an advanced DNN search module which replaces the built-in search in DotNetNuke. It is based on Lucene.net and includes a web spider which is used to crawl your site and gather all page URLs. This means you can have a real search engine on your own website and not have to rely on your modules providing a search interface to index your site content. This gives you much more control and provides far more accurate search results. The search engine will honour your robots.txt file and also any page META directives including "no index" and "no follow".

With the psSiteSeach you can index any HTML content within a DotNetNuke portal or external websites including Microsoft Office and PDF documents. This provides an easy way for users to search them.