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Jul 4, 2012
4 Jul 2012

Two new DotNetNuke modules to be released

DotNetNuke modules with v6.2 Social integration

Pure Systems is excited to announce the imminent release of two new DotNetNuke modules - psSurvey and psCompetition.

Both modules have DNN Social and ActiveSocial integration and helps build on the feature rich capabilities of DNN 6.2.

psSurvey is an Quick Polls and Survey module which will allow the owner to quickly and easily create Polls and Surveys and integrate them into DNN Social groups and user Journals.

psCompetition is something special as it allows the site owner to setup a complete Competitions system allowing the owner to create and administer competitions and challenges and users can choose which ones to enter based on the Social Groups they belong to. Competitions can take the form of quick entries, allow uploads of any media files, including Video, and other users can then like and vote for the favourites. It comes with its own comments system so users can participate in many different ways and get rewarded with points and prizes.

Pure Systems DNN Module manager Dan Rice said "We've been working hard on these new modules and we're very excited about them due to their integration with DNN Social and the existing ActiveSocial modules. We feel these new modules really compliment the new Social focus of DNN 6.2 and can greatly enhance and refresh older sites. We are nearing the launch of psSurvey which will be followed by psCompetition shortly afterwards so watch this space!"