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Mar 25, 2013
25 Mar 2013

DNN Social Launched

DNN Social finally launched - building and creating online communities for businesses.

Social has become a fundamental aspect of Internet life with over 90% of online adults using the social web daily, it has altered the decision path for how people think, act and buy.

By focussing on Social communities, and in implementing them into your website, businesses can effectively engage the market and manage conversations. Leading to opportunities for connections, engagement, loyalty and revenue.

DNN Social

DNN Social is the new software solution from DotNetNuke that helps businesses build and manage online communities.

The key difference being that DNN Social is built on and fully integrated with the DNN platform, which powers hundreds of thousands of sites globally.

DNN Social enables businesses to have the best of both worlds. A DotNetNuke CMS enables the development of a content-rich, up-to-the minute website, whilst DNN Social allows a social community to be built around your brand. With DNN you get the functionality you need now, with the ability to seamlessly add new features as your site matures.

Key benefits of using DNN Social:

  • Turning customers into advocates: Forrester says 94% of customers trust word-of-mouth over company advertising. Companies must identify and nurture brand champions to fuel peer-to-peer marketing.
  • Engaging customers earlier in their decision process: IDC says 45% of customers’ buying decision is made before they even reach out to you. Customers are turning to communities to inform themselves about companies’ products and services earlier in the sales cycle.
  • Gain control of customer’s social experience: You need to do more than have a Facebook strategy. DNN Social lets businesses own the social experience and control the conversation – and the data.
  • Rising customer support and maintenance costs: DNN Social lets you provide peer support, which supplies credible and valuable feedback to other users.
  • Better incorporate customers into the innovation process: Innovation is happening faster than ever; companies must proactively seek out input from customers to understand their wants and needs and incorporate into future product releases.
  • Manage and measure community effectiveness: Intuitive UI makes it easy for marketing, sales, support, and innovation teams to monitor communities with metrics effectively displayed in a dashboard view.
  • Eliminating social silos: DNN Social solves this by integrating social communities seamlessly with the CMS and uses only a single database. Silos reduce ability to get the full data to identify social insights.

For more information about using DNN Social please contact us.