Security and DNN

There are many benefits to using a web CMS for your company website.

One major advantage, which more and more companies are realising, is that with a good web CMS they no longer need to rely on an external web administrator to make changes and additions to their web content, and that they and can take control of this content easily.

DNN makes this super simple with in-page editing and an intuitive interface that allows real time, WYSIWYG updates and content additions. However, with security of online assets being a major concern for companies, we are often asked how DNN can help to keep these assets secure.

So, how secure is DNN?

DNN Corp has had a formal security policy since 2005, you can see their security policy here. DNN Corp believe in full transparency with regard to any security vulnerabilities so, whenever such vulnerabilities are identified and verified, their security task force issues security bulletins to the DNN Community. These bulletins inform the community of what the security issues are and their severity, also giving information regarding fixes and workarounds. All this information is available online through the security centre.

But isn’t open source more vulnerable?

The truth is that both open source and proprietary software are vulnerable to the same security threats. Built on the Microsoft .Net architecture, DNN provides a strong, secure and robust security infrastructure.

Another advantage of open source over proprietary software, and of DNN in particular, is that updates and security patches for proprietary software can be slow to become available. The DNN developer network of over a million developers and a dedicated security team means that security patches are available quickly when any issues do arise.

Anything Else?

The ability to assign security roles in DNN further enables you to keep your content secure and allows you to manage and control who can access specific areas of your site. There are a number of pre-assigned security roles built in to DNN and the ability to create custom ones as well.

Not convinced yet?

A good indication of the security of a system is to see who else is using it. One of the major clients which DNN Corp likes to shout about is the United States Department of Defense who, in 2012 chose DNN as their Web CMS for their entire network of websites, security was undoubtedly one of the foremost considerations in this decision – enough said? We think so!

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