DNN Page caching - setting all pages to Memory cache provider

This is a useful bit of SQL which was supplied to us by DNN Support recently.

Please note: this is applicable only to DNN Evoq and not the Community/Platform editions as they do not have Page Caching enabled. Please see our psPageCache module to apply caching to these versions.

We wanted to be able to set all pages to use the 'MemoryOutputCachingProvider' and also set the Cache Duration as well to save us having to go through all the site pages - which there were a lot of!

First you can update all pages to use the  'MemoryOutputCachingProvider':

UPDATE dbo.TabSettings
SET SettingValue='MemoryOutputCachingProvider'
WHERE SettingName='CacheProvider'

Once you have executed this, you can then set the cache duration:

UPDATE dbo.TabSettings
SET SettingValue='1200'
WHERE SettingName='CacheDuration'

The above sets the duration to 1200 seconds (20 minutes) but you can change this to whatever value you want.

Once run, clear the cache and recycle the app pool. Each page will now have the Output Cache Provider and the CacheDuration set.